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General Policies

2025 Vision: Becoming the top, the most professional and the most influential export credit agency (ECA) across Southwest Asia region



Supporting the Islamic Republic of Iran’s exports through:


·        Insuring and guaranteeing credit and investments related to commodities and export services

·        Providing necessary facilities and investment for developing exports at minimum costs and through optimal use of resources


Core Values


·        Innovation, dynamism, transparency and regular amelioration of procedures and services with focus on customer orientation and meritocracy

·        Abidance by rules and regulations and professional ethics

·        Discipline and precision along with contribution, wisdom and insight in affairs

·        Commitment, excellence, honesty, industriousness and abidance to Islamic ethics

·        Respect of rights and norms and accountability to customers, staff and EGFI stakeholders




·        Benefiting from all legal capacities of EGFI for the development of exports

·        Concentration on plans with mid-term and long-term credit allocation

·        Development of cooperation with exports development funds, export unions and organs

·        Boosting operation with the banking system with a view to allocating export credit

·        Coordination and close cooperation with the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran as the administrator of exports

·        Extensive presence in export-rich provinces for enhancing penetration in provinces

·        Upgrading knowledge and promoting culture of using export credit coverage in the country

·        Upgrading expert capacities and acquiring insurance industry knowledge and guaranteeing export credit and developing culture of research and technology with the objective of boosting productivity

·        Making efforts for applying EGFI’s views about target orientation in allocation of export credit

·        Regular improvement of systems and working methods and reengineering of procedures if necessary

·        Development of investment activities


Main Goals


·        Facilitating, encouraging and developing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s exports and enhancing competitiveness of Iranian exporters

·        Acquiring appropriate performance through compliance with the principles of good governance for organizational excellence

·        Submitting a report on the professional record of export credit coverage and upgrading human resources knowledge up to global standards



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