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For Exporters:


Whole Turn-Over Policy

This policy covers all exports made by an Iranian exporter to different countries against major political & commercial risks for a period of one year. Under this policy, the insured should make monthly declarations of his export activities and pay the determined premium simultaneously.


Specific Policy

The policy covers one or more shipments made by an Iranian exporter to a foreign buyer only under a particular contract.


Techno-Engineering Services Policy

This policy covers construction projects implemented or engineering services provided by Iranian contracting and engineering companies in other countries against political and commercial risks.


Export Contract Frustration Policy

This policy covers any loss incurred due to the frustration of export letters of credit/contracts. In case the Iranian exporter sustains a loss due to any of the covered risks, EGFI will indemnify him, provided that the incurred loss is not due to his breach of contractual obligations.


Manufacturer's Credit Guarantee

The Iranian exporters who intend to purchase their export commodities on credit terms from domestic manufacturers may submit EGFI’s guarantee to the manufacturer as collateral to guarantee the fulfillment of their obligations toward the supplier. EGFI evaluates the creditability of the Iranian exporter and obtains the minimum possible collateral from him prior to the guarantee issuance.

For Banks & Exporters:


Local Credit Guarantee

Iranian Banks and Financial Institutions who intend to grant short term local currency (Rial) facilities/ loans to domestic exporters with the aim of financing their export activities and providing their working capital, may obtain EGFI’s “Local Currency Credit Guarantee” as a substitute for the collateral they require to insure the repayment of the granted facility by the debtor, i.e. exporter, on the due date.


Forex Credit Guarantee

“Foreign Exchange Credit Guarantee” can be used as an appropriate substitute for the collateral required by the banks granting forex facilities to Iranian exporters.


Discounting of Export Bills Insurance Policy

This insurance policy covers the risk of non-payment of the export bills (including L/C or bill of exchange) discounted by Iranian banks. In case of the non-payment of the export bills by the foreign buyer/bank, the claim will be paid to the discounting bank.


Sight L/Cs Insurance Policy

This insurance policy covers the risk of non-payment of the issuing bank to the advising bank, after receiving the documents mentioned in L/C. Therefore, the exporter will receive his money immediately from the advising bank backed by EGFI's Guarantee, after negotiation of the documents, and before the final approval of the issuing bank.


Buyer’s Credit Guarantee

To help Iran's export promotion, domestic banks may provide foreign buyers, who intend to import goods or services from Iran, with buyer’s credit lines to enable them to buy on credit terms. To insure the due repayment of the credit granted to the foreign buyer/buyer’s bank, the creditor/Iranian bank may require securities. This Guarantee is a suitable substitute for the collateral required by the creditor.


Bank Guarantee Insurance Policy

This policy covers the risk of calling of the Bank Payment Guarantee, which is issued by the Iranian banks in favor of foreign financers of Iranian technical projects in target markets.


For Investors & Banks:

 Investment policy

This Policy covers the principal & interest of the medium & long term investments made by the Iranian investors in target countries solely against political risks.

In case the investor gets a loan from a bank for his project, he can assign the rights of the Investment Policy to the financing bank as a security.


For Banks & Contractors:

Coverage for Banks' Bonds

According to Cabinet's Act in 2008, EGFI is to cover Iranian banks, issuing performance and advance payment bonds for Iranian contractors and constructors winning in International bids inside Iran, and consequently support the contractors in international competitions.


Other services:

- Credit Evaluation Reports of foreign buyers;

- Necessary consultancy to the exporters applying for policies and guarantees.


Risks covered by EGFI's products:


Commercial Risks

- Buyer’s failure, or unwillingness to accept the exported goods & services

- Non-payment of the price of goods & services on due date

- Buyer’s protracted default due to bankruptcy, insolvency or lien.


Political Risks

- Outbreak of war or state of war

- Straining or severance of diplomatic relations with the buyer’s country as a result of which the exporter is unable to collect his receivables on the due date

- Imposition of economic policies in the buyer’s country which may block the exporter’s receivables

- Imposition of restrictions on imports or foreign exchange transfer in the buyer’s country

- Confiscation & nationalization of the buyer’s properties as a result of which the exporter is unable to collects its dues.

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