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International Cooperation

EGFI’s International Relations

Export Guarantee fund of Iran, as the official Export Credit Agency of Iran, supports Iranian exporters and investors in international markets. To meet this end, “Country Risk and International Cooperation Department” not only tries to expand its cooperation with international, and foreign entities, but also it monitors the commercial and political risks in different countries to assess risk with which Iranian exporters/investors as well as EGFI, as the insurers, face. Doing research on EGFI’s counterparts, and their products, as well as on commercial, economic, and financial issues is another major task which is done.

International relations of EGFI could be categorized as follow:

1. Membership in international entities

These memberships facilitate EGFI’s access to the current rules and regulations as well as updated information and expertise in the field of Credit Insurance in the world.

The international entities in which EGFI has membership are: Berne Union, Aman Union.

2. Cooperation with foreign Export Credit Agencies (ECAs)

Export Guarantee Fund of Iran has signed Memorandum of Understandings on (MOUs) on cooperation with some of its counterparts in different regions worldwide. These MOUs are on different fields such as credit assessment of buyers/ employers, issuing counter guarantee, parallel insurance, co-insurance and re-insurance, exchange of information and expertise, claims prevention, recovery, and any other issue agreed by both sides. Moreover, some Facultative Reinsurance Agreements (FRAs) have been signed with some foreign ECAs/companies to fulfill EGFI’s need in reinsurance and management of its risk portfolio. Having relations and exchange of information with counterparts is not limited just to those signed MOUs with

3.Participation in Joint Commission Meeting between I.R. of Iran & other countries

To support Iranian exporters, Export Guarantee Fund of Iran participates in Joint Commission Meetings held between I.R. of Iran and other countries. These meetings are also a good opportunity for EGFI to negotiate with foreign counterparts, banks, companies, etc. to improve its relations with them.



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